Referring Vets

When you refer a case to us, we want you to feel that we are just an extension of your practice. We often recommend that clients’ pets are bought back to you for follow-up treatment if appropriate and we will never perform work outside of our remit unless requested to do so by yourselves.

How to contact us for advice

Online - click here
By phone - Phone us on 01243 888091

How to refer

By Phone (always use for emergencies)
Phone us on 01243 888091 for referrals and for advice on any current cases you have that may not be suitable for referral

By Fax
Download our fax form here and fax to 01243 888227. We will then contact the client directly to organise an appointment

Please click here. What information do we need?

Client details
Name, address and telephone numbers
Pet details
Name, signalment, history and current medication
Appointment request
Urgent or Routine
Client Information

We will send out information for non-urgent cases, please download the map here for emergency cases.