To make a CT outpatient inquiry, please complete the online enquiry form and attach the patient history / recent blood tests (we need both).

We have an on-site Toshiba 128 Slice CT System, which is primarily used by our specialists to help our referred inpatients. However, we also offer outpatient slots to referring practices as a way of saying thank you and to further help their patients.

We offer package prices which include pre-assessment, specialist GA or sedation, CT imaging and specialist reporting. We invoice the referring Practice rather than the pet owner (unless otherwise agreed).

If you would like to discuss a case or the service in more detail, please call or email Eamonn Parsons ( - Eamonn knows all things CT and is passionate about providing this service.


Why should I choose CT over other imaging modalities?
  • CT enables more accurate and timely diagnosis of both routine and potentially life-threatening conditions, including tumours.
  • This in turn enables timely medical and surgical intervention with clear benefits for your patients and their owners.
  • There are many indications for CT in small animal patients:

How long does it take?
  • Outpatient CTs are a day procedure, and your patient will be discharged as soon as they recover from their anaesthetic.
  • An imaging report by a Specialist in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging from VetCT Specialists is delivered to you directly electronically within approximately 48 hours.
Can I discuss my case prior to arranging an outpatient scan? 
  • If you have any queries, please call us or email
  • Alternatively, submit your request (please see above) and we will review it. If all is in order, we will respond with a confirmation and estimate for a CT imaging package, including all of the costs (GA or sedation / CT imaging / contrast agent if required / full imaging report).