Whilst Optivet is best know for ophthalmology, we are also very keen to assist with your surgery referrals.

Ian Nicholson (RCVS and European recognised Specialist in small animal surgery) leads our surgery service, ably supported by Richard Murphy (certificate holder).

We are known for our clear communication and always happy to give you a free of charge, no obligation second opinion. We treat patients as if they were own pets, supporting their owners throughout the journey as well. 

We only ever operate when surgery is truly indicated - we will always explore and explain any conservative options first.

We keep an eye on costs, offering various packages and we also make direct insurance claims.

Referring vets have an open invitation to attend any surgery on their patients.

Typical surgeries

Soft Tissue

Soft palate resections (BOAS)  

Exploratory Laparotomy

Total ear canal ablation (TECA) including lateral bulla osteotomy (LBO)

Ventral bulla osteotomy (VBO)

Laryngeal tie-back

Perineal hernia

Enterectomy / subtotal colectomy

Tumour resection / skin reconstruction

Abdominal tumour removal

Porto-systemic shunts


- Lung lobe lobectomy

- Chest wall tumor resection / thoracic wall reconstruction