Consulting Rooms

There are 6 consulting rooms which include 2 ophthalmology examination rooms. This allows the clinicians to have the necessary time to gain a full history from the client and examination of the patient.


The reception is spacious with separate cat and dog waiting areas. We hope that this will reduce any anxiety of the patients during their visit. There is always a hot or cold drink avaliable as we are aware that some clients have to travel long distances and may be in need of refreshment when they arrive. There are two rest rooms in reception one of which is a disabled rest room. There is always water avaliable for dogs in the reception area.


There are separate cat and dog wards and an isolation unit. The dog ward has glass-fronted walk in kennels and all kennels are staffed by a team of nurses who always ensure they are well acquainted with the animal's clinical problem and character. This ensures that the optimum care is provided for the patient including any specific dietary needs are required. The wards are deep cleaned every day.

Operating theatres

We have two state of the art operating theatres. They are spacious and fully equipped with leading edge equipment.