Optivet has a dedicated equine specialist team for our expanding equine ophthalmology service.

We provide hospital and clinic visits as well as one-to-one yard visits.

We advise early case discussion – this helps to maximise visual outcomes.

Please contact our equine team by phone 07780148658, email equine@optivet.com or via the referral admission form. If you wish to contact our equine ophthalmologist in an emergency please call 07468771865.

Equine ophthalmology is a speciality that has developed from small animal and human based ophthalmology. There are many evolving diagnostic tests, medical treatment options and novel surgical techniques available.

Our service provides prompt appointments which we are happy for referring vets to attend or be informed about in detail afterwards.

We think it’s important to work as a team with referring vets to ensure the best possible case outcome.

Some of the services we provide:

  • Assistance with treatment of complicated or indolent ulcers
  • Repair of corneal lacerations and perforations
  • Plans for medical management of keratitis or surgical options such as ciclosporin implants or superficial keratectomies
  • Laser ablation of iris cysts
  • Assessment and management treatments for uveitis
  • Intraocular pressure checks and medical or surgical options for treatment of glaucoma
  • Cataract assessment and options of surgery
  • Assessment of fundic or retinal changes
  • Second opinion of pre-purchase examinations
  • Ocular ultrasound 
  • ERG (electroretinogram) scans

If you need assistance with an ophthalmology service that is not listed, please contact us.

Your first point of contact is Katie (RVN), who coordinates appointments and our equine vets Chez, Sam and Rob.


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