Our pet Corgi Toby, 12 years of age now, seen in the middle with his tongue sticking out together with Tara (the older Tri coloured Corgi we had) pictured on 03 July 2013 in the Scottish Borders whilst on holiday were spotted by HM The Queen.

Toby developed a trauma to his left eye in late 2016 caused by our pet Corgi puppy, Tudor playing with him. He was referred to Optivet Referrals in Havant, Portsmouth where he was seen by Veterinary Eye Specialist Mr Fernando Laguna Sanz on 20 April 2017. His excellent clinical skills and experience took him no time to accurately diagnose the problem and decide on the appropriate surgical procedure needed. He carried it out in our presence with totally remarkable dexterity and brilliance, job done within some 10 minutes or so. He was reviewed a week later and given the all clear!

Unfortunately, after we moved house to Mid Wales in November 2017, Toby developed a similar problem with his right eye, probably caused by young Tudor, still very playful!

After initial veterinary care locally, Toby was still squinting so we asked to be referred back to Optivet Referrals again with a request to be seen by Mr Fernando Laguna Sanz.

Fortunately, he was available and had Toby examined on 11 April. Lo and behold, his magic touch giving the correct treatment had Toby looking bright as a button within two weeks! We cannot thank Mr Fernando Laguna Sanz enough. He is a vet par excellence!

Sunil & Delyth Dharmabandhu – a very grateful client on behalf of Toby.