Initial consultation (1 hour)


Routine recheck


Ultrasound abdomen, thorax or heart


Gastrointestinal disease

Chronic diarrhoea/vomiting (including blood work, ultrasound and endoscopy)


Disease requiring upper (stomach and small intestine) and lower GI endoscopy


Jaundice/hepatic investigation (including blood work, ultrasound and US guided biopsy)


Polyuria/Polydipsia & endocrine disease


Preliminary investigation including imaging, hormonal tests, GFR


Investigation of poorly responsive diabetes


Investigation of suspected hyperadrenocorticism


Pyrexia of unknown origin


Azotaemia/renal disease investigation

Chronic renal failure (may include clearance tests)


Renal biopsy (including light, electron microscopy and immunohistochemistry)


Lower urinary tract disease (may include cystoscopy)




Preliminary investigation (including imaging, bone marrow biopsy)


Respiratory disease

Investigation of cough (including x-rays, bronchoscopy and lavage or FB removal)


Investigation of nasal discharge (including full rhinoscopy, biopsy and imaging)


Nasopharyngeal FB removal


Cardiac disease


Investigation of congenital murmur with echocardiography and BP


Investigation of acquired heart disease (echocardiography, BP, ECG may include x-ray)


Management of heart failure including work up